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Top Party Trends in 2023 so far

It’s not just the fashion industry that follows trends. Events work in similar cycles, fluctuating between what’s hot and what’s not. Balloon arches? Are becoming slightly ‘last year’. Photo booths are also out. And themed parties can move aside. As the world slowly starts to return to some semblance of normalcy, party trends are beginning to emerge in 2023.

Instagrammable Installations:

Balloon arches are out! Creating a space that uses bright colours, textures, and/or florals, where guests can take selfies, is in. It’s 2023, there’s more enthusiasm for vibrant, interactive immersive experiences with Instagrammable installations that put guests at the heart of the event.

TikTok-able Tablescapes:

Achieving that WOW factor is a MUST in 2023.

This means adding textures and layers to your table, not being afraid of colour, adding fresh flowers, and plating your food on the table.

Divine Drink Menus:

Don’t pass the punch. Curated cocktails and mocktails are in.

Butter Boards

These are becoming extensions of or even improvements over traditional charcuterie boards.

Don’t be surprised if you’re presented with a cutting board with thick-spread butter and topped with, well, all sorts of stuff. Butter boards are undoubtedly trending on social media and in social gatherings this year.

Disposable Cameras Are Making a Comeback:

Photo booths are out! What was once old is new again and disposable cameras will be all the rage from birthday parties to weddings.

We find that Partygoers want to capture genuine, true memories.

Sustainable Catering:

This means using locally sourced ingredients, working with ethical suppliers, and reducing waste.

More and more catering companies are going green, using locally sourced ingredients to reduce their carbon footprint. They’re also working with ethical suppliers who care about the environment.

We can’t wait to see what other trends transpire this year. As mentioned, the event planning space is always changing, so there are sure to be other new and exciting trends to lookout for.

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