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Our Favourite Baby Shower Ideas

The mom-to-be will be absolutely delighted with all the thoughtful arrangements you have spanned for her special day. From exciting games to tantalizing menus, stunning decorations, and memorable gifts, every detail has been carefully considered to make her feel loved and cherished. Your efforts will create a joyous and unforgettable celebration that honours the mom-to-be and celebrates the upcoming arrival of her little bundle of joy.

Set the Date

If you and your hosts are in the early stages of planning a baby shower, you've come to the right place for guidance. Typically organized by family members, friends, or coworkers—except the expectant parents themselves—the baby shower is usually held during the final two months of pregnancy.

If you're not keen on sticking to the traditional games and food that were popular at your grandmother's shower, don't worry. Modern baby showers offer a blend of timeless traditions and contemporary customs. Aside from celebrating the impending arrival of the little one, a baby shower is an opportunity to provide new parents with some essential items. Books, blankets, and clothing are always appreciated gifts. During the event, plan for games, activities, and a light meal such as brunch or tea time. It's also a wonderful occasion for sharing wisdom and creating cherished memories. Discover the best baby shower ideas, including games, menus, decorations, and more, to make the day truly special. The mom-to-be will absolutely adore everything you have prepared for her on this joyous day!

Get the Word Out

While a phone call may suffice as an invitation, written invitations add a touch of significance to the special occasion. It is recommended to send out the invitations at least three weeks in advance, ensuring ample time for guests to make plans. Collaborate with the parents-to-be to create a guest list, ensuring that no important individuals are unintentionally left out. Additionally, it is important to decide whether men and children will be welcomed at the baby shower. Traditionalists often opt for a women-only gathering, while modernists believe that inviting the father-to-be adds a meaningful element to the celebration.

Throw It with a Theme

While not obligatory, incorporating a party theme can elevate the festive atmosphere of the baby shower. Adding imaginative and thoughtful touches can make the celebration truly remarkable. If you choose not to have a specific theme, it's advisable to steer clear of pastel colours and instead opt for vibrant and lively decor. Flowers are a fitting choice for a celebration of new life. It's important to keep the decorations minimal as the main focus will naturally be on the expectant mother's beautiful belly, creating a heartwarming centrepiece for the event.

Choose a Menu

Minimize last-minute preparations by selecting foods that are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed at room temperature, such as cheese and vegetable tarts, grilled chicken salads, homemade pizzas, or refreshing fruit and green salads. Embracing a potluck-style approach is also a great idea, especially when each guest brings a dish they are renowned for, adding a personal touch and a sense of shared culinary delight.

Let's Play a Game

While the gift opening is undoubtedly the highlight of the baby shower, incorporating an additional activity can bring even more excitement to the gathering. This activity can be tailored to the theme of the party, serve as an informative session for the mom-to-be, or simply provide entertainment for all attendees. Here's a fun suggestion: Ask guests to write down their favourite names for both boys and girls on slips of paper, which can then be dropped into designated jars for the parents' consideration. This interactive activity not only engages the guests but also offers the expectant parents a delightful way to explore a variety of name options for their little one.

French Countryside Baby Shower

The idea for this shower theme draws inspiration from the picturesque French countryside during the enchanting summer season, with its lavender-covered fields and the soft hue of the nursery blue sky. The menu features delightful dishes like potato leek soup, madeleines, and white chocolate treats as favours. These delectable treats are not only easy to prepare but can also be enjoyed by hand at room temperature, adding convenience to the festivities. Keeping the decorations minimal, such as embroidered linens, a delicate arrangement of forget-me-nots, and a few elegantly suspended wired wreaths, makes the planning process a breeze while still infusing a touch of elegance and charm to the ambiance.

All-in-White Shower

Embrace the symbolism of goodness, innocence, and purity by hosting a white-themed baby shower, offering a stylish tribute to both the mother and the precious little one. Creating a cohesive white theme is effortlessly elegant. Fill the living room or dining room with a delightful arrangement of white balloons and streamers, instantly transforming the space. Encourage guests to bring gifts wrapped in snowy hues, adding to the aesthetic harmony. For serving, opt for glass and white porcelain dishes, perfectly complementing the theme. The focal point of the celebration can be a magnificent towering white layer cake, serving as a stunning centrepiece. Additionally, set up a sweet treats bar where guests can indulge in sweet treats and gather their favourites, which can be bundled in swatches of white tulle or muslin as charming favours to take home.

Co-Ed Baby Shower

To honour the journey into motherhood in a contemporary fashion, it's time to break away from traditional conventions. Say goodbye to outdated colour codes and instead embrace a more inclusive approach by inviting the soon-to-be dads to join the celebration. Swap out the usual tea-sandwiches for hassle-free, zero-preparation-time foods that ensure everyone can indulge without any fuss. The outcome? A baby shower that is refreshingly free from clichés, embodying a modern and effortless vibe that's as easy as ABC.

Kid-Friendly Baby Shower

Get ready to involve the little ones in the joyous celebration! This baby shower is all about embracing the spirit of playful mischief, making it perfect for families with older siblings eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new little sister or brother. With kid-friendly food options and delightful decorations, the atmosphere will be filled with festive vibes that cater to guests of all ages. It's a time to come together and create lasting memories, ensuring that everyone, young and old, feels included and partakes in the excitement surrounding the imminent arrival of the newest addition to the family.

Books for the Baby

Start building a child's library with timeless classics that will be treasured during the reading years to come. From beloved tales like Peter Pan to the enchanting rhymes of Mother Goose, a set of these cherished books is a thoughtful gift. To add a personal touch, consider including a set of handmade bookplates. Create these unique bookplates by using clip-art books to copy colourful borders, stack them together, and tie them with a charming bow. This gift not only provides a collection of literary treasures but also adds a special touch that will be cherished for years to come.

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