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Here's the inside story on what newlyweds really wish they did differently on their post wedding getaways.

While your wedding day is likely one of the most anticipated experiences of your life, your honeymoon probably isn't far behind.

After swapping vows, cutting the cake, and partying with loved ones, many couples opt to jet off on a post wedding vacation to relax, unwind and postpone the mountain of "thank-you" cards waiting to be written. Although taking a honeymoon isn't necessary, it is highly encouraged. (You and your spouse certainly deserve a few days of R&R following months of wedding planning, after all.)

But, as with most wedding-related celebrations, there are a few honeymoon mistakes you'll definitely want to avoid. Your newlywed vacation should be a fun, stress-free experience.

Get the scoop on what you should avoid, and read up on our expert tips to ensure you prevent these common honeymoon mistakes.

1. Leaving right after the wedding day

The most common honeymoon regrets shared was leaving right after the wedding day. It's understandable that you're excited to leave town and start your vacation but consider giving yourself a few days to recover from all that wedding excitement.

Many couples say that their wedding day feels like a whirlwind—so if you head to the airport right after your reception exit, you might feel overwhelmed without some time to take it all in. Plus, you're only a newlywed once.

We recommend giving yourself a few days, weeks, or even months to soak up that ‘just said yes’ bliss before embarking on your honeymoon.

Taking more time in between both events will also prolong the celebration… a total win in our eyes.

2. Not splurging on upgrades

Fact: Weddings are expensive.

Honeymoons are also expensive. It can feel challenging to plan the nuptials of your dreams while simultaneously trying to afford a swoon-worthy vacation on the Italian Riviera or the white beaches of the Maldives.

One of the biggest honeymoon mistakes couples said they made, though, was not splurging on upgrades. Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so consider treating yourself to nice extras, like the all-inclusive drink package or that extra-fancy suite. You'll certainly be glad you allowed yourself to indulge.

If cost is a concern, there are tools to help you afford upgrades on your honeymoon.

3. Staying on the resort the entire time

If you're planning to splurge on an all-inclusive honeymoon package, you might expect to spend your days on the resort property—but that's one unlikely honeymoon mistake our followers shared.

Some couples said they regret not researching alternative activities in nearby cities and towns. While you might assume you'll want to lounge by the pool with a Piña colada in hand every single day, we recommend doing a quick search to see what other activities are available near your destination. You might regret not taking full advantage of your travels.

4. Procrastinating planning and packing

Here's one major honeymoon mistake to avoid at all costs. A lot of our couples said they regret procrastinating planning and packing.

In the months leading up to your vacation, make sure your passport is up to date, along with any other entry requirements for your destination (like shots, vaccination cards, test results, etc.).

Your wedding week will be full of appointments, errands and fun activities, so designate time to pack before the excitement begins.

Trust us: The last thing you want to do after your wedding night is scramble to throw your vacay essentials in a suitcase.

5. Not looking into weather patterns

The timing of your honeymoon may depend on when you're getting married.

But before you book the trip, look into seasonal weather patterns for the destination you're eyeing.

It might be incredibly disappointing, for example, to have your getaway coincide with the region's hurricane season (or worse: seaweed season, which is common in areas like Cancun, Tulum, Punta Cana, and the eastern coast of the Caribbean).

Save yourself frustration and unwanted time spent indoors by making sure your projected dates will make for a good honeymoon stay.

6. Planning a short trip

Unless you're explicitly planning a minimoon, an intentionally condensed version of a honeymoon, you may want to avoid making your vacation too short.

A lot of our couples say they regret not going on a longer trip.

If this is one honeymoon mistake, you're concerned about, be thoughtful about the length of your 'moon.

7. Not taking enough time to relax.

Adventurers at heart may want to pack their honeymoons with fun excursions, tours, activities, and reservations. And while you should absolutely take in the sights and make the most of your trip, be sure to schedule time for relaxation as well.

Whether your honeymoon is happening a week after your wedding or months later, this trip is perfect for unwinding and enjoying quality time with your Significant other.

In fact, quite a few couples said their biggest honeymoon mistake was not being intentional about making time to relax. Take this as your official sign to carve out time to do nothing on your vacay—our direct orders!

8. Forgetting to ask for extra perks

Being a honeymooner may come with extra perks. When making your reservation, ask the resort staff if they offer any upgrades for newlyweds. (Similarly, travel agents may also be able to hook you up with insider connections for special surprises.)

While it's not guaranteed, you never know if you'll be able to score a room upgrade, a complimentary couples massage, or a bottle of bubbly in your room upon arrival.

Take it from our couples who regret not inquiring about updates: You never know what you might receive unless you ask.

2. Not having professional photos done

If you're the sentimental type, consider arranging a professional photoshoot to take place during your


Although it's certainly not a requirement, getting pictures taken will help you preserve priceless memories and look back on your trip for years to come.

10. Not having a honeymoon at all

Perhaps you aren't convinced that you even need to go on a honeymoon but this was one of the biggest honeymoon mistakes our couples shared.

Whether you're worried about securing enough Personal Time Off or having the funds, there could be a number of reasons that you might think you need to skip the trip, but we'll let you in on a secret: it's not about where you go or what you do.

What matters most is enjoying quality time with your brand-new spouse. So, plan an excursion that feels right for you, whether that's a trip to a new place or a quick staycation near your hometown.

Trust us: When you look back, you'll be incredibly grateful you had that special time together.

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